Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wednesday Evening Tune Up

One week to go until the Wednesday Evening Series begins! The regular weekend series has already started and we had a good showing if you count being over early in the first start and hitting the committee boat in the 2nd start "good". The boat was fast, but didn't feel right on port so I thought we should go out and have a good look and see why.
It turns out the jib lead tracks were installed by a muppet. In order to make the jib leads even the port lead has to come back 4 more holes than the starboard track. Kind of explains the backwinding of the main in the heavy conditions... I guess I just assumed they were even. After a closer look though, through more scientific measurement... wow, off by a ton. I love this new Doyle jib, really good shape... but I do wonder about the weird vertical crease up at the head.
We messed around with the jumpers and took out the weather helm I was dealing with on port tack, so we should be just as fast as we were on starboard. The MP main is good, but I'm worried about how far aft the pocket seems to be. It'll be fine in medium conditions, but when it blows I might be at a disadvantage. Knox buoy racing is this Saturday... should be fun.


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