Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Discovery of Damage Continues

It wasn't until last Wednesday when we went out for a team practice that this was discovered. The jib halyard attachment clip bent under load. Nothing like the SF Bay to test your equipment and see what is too weak to cut it. Do the guys in Scandinavia/Europe ever break stuff like we do?
The picture is of poor quality, but I'm wondering if this may be a problem... It's hard to see, but a vertical crack about 5 inches long has developed along the white box thing that hold the starboard chain plate. Has anyone ever had one of these fail on them?
Maybe I'm looking too closely at things because even in this picture it's hard to see, but I have nothing better to do... I'm a Folkboat junkie and I just seem to enjoy crawling around looking for projects.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, we do break our gear over hear in Scandinavia too. 30-40-50 year old boats, what can one expect? It never gets boring !

6:35 AM  

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