Thursday, May 08, 2008

A First for the First Wednesday Evening Race

Last evening was very special for me... Cassandra started crewing again after several seasons and I guess she's good luck and good crew, we got our first win of the season on the first race of the Wednesday Evening series. Brock wanted to throw me in the water because it was the first win in the new boat. Hmmm... not tonight, I have a headache. We had a great start with clear air and made it first to the windward mark, held everyone off down wind and moved away on the upwind leg. Over stood the mark by a ton by accident and had an over-ride on the port winch. Couldn't get that undone until we rounded, luckily we didn't have to tack. As the wind faded and the sun went down we rounded the final leeward mark and just tried to go as fast as possible. Peter was higher, but at that point there was too much distance to make up and the wind was steady all the way to the finish. Peter was 2nd, Don was 3rd, Bill D was 4th and Tommy was 5th.


Anonymous scott Dresler said...

dude... you are so intense. Congrats on your first win in the new boat, that must feel good. went for my first sail tonight in the new and improved TRIO. 60 years old and she never looked so damned hot... or sailed so damned well... love the traveller. send pics soon.

8:47 PM  

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