Friday, February 01, 2008

Webber wants to know more

I didn't think much of the whole boat bag idea, but Webber in Sweden has taken an interest, so I'll explain...
The boat bag is simple, it's a normal heavy duty tarp, like the kind you can buy at Home Depot and sewn into the shape of a folkboat bow at one end left open at the other. The edges are long strips of styrofoam for floatation. It's secured to the dock off the bow and the sides. It could easily work off a couple of pilings like I saw in Vilje, DK or even off of two moorings like they have at the Viking Yacht Club in Stockholm. I guess you could put a long pvc pipe in the water on either side to tie the bag to. The bottom could be weighted down, but it's not necisary. A draw string rear door is easy to figure out and before you depart, make sure it is open and submerged enough... I have snagged my dad's old boat in it trying to get it out of the harbor a couple of times and think that weighting down the rear door would be a good addition to the design. You just sail into it and sinch it up in the back, then poor a gallon of bleech in the bag and nothing grows on your hull. The downside is if there is much current, the bag can rub on the keel and wear out your paint job. But, I always thought if the bag were shaped like a triangle and weighted down the middle on the bottom, it would minimize this problem. But, since we take our boats out of the water once a year, it's not that much of a problem. The downer is the bleech in the water, but it's cheaper and more reliable than a diver. I made one without the floatation for USA 105, but very soon after I put it in the water, I was asked to move slips and now that I'm on a end tie... I guess I could make it work, but I'm so visable to that harbor master's office... I don't think he would approve and I like my spot too much to screw up that relationship.
Ok Webber, any more questions?


Blogger webber said...

Thank you for a really exhaustive answer, no more questions for now.

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But please Eric !!! You can't be serious about pouring bleach in the water......
What about giving our future children an opportunity to encounter life in water as we have.
And who thought Californians, at least, had some feeling for the enviroment......

Put on a wetsuit and mask. Grab a spounge and your Folkboat will be totally cleaned in 20 minutes...

Be responsible !!!

2:36 AM  
Blogger All Kinds of Junk said...

To the comment maker who has remained nameless... I don't use a boat bag and I don't pour bleech in the water, but with the 2.7 million gallons of partially treated sewage recently spilled into the bay, it might not be a bad idea to throw a little bleech in there... when you take a wave in the face it gives the expression "shitfaced" a whole new meaning.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, Thank for the clarification that you don't use a boat bag and that you don't put bleach in the water regardless of how close you are to the harbour master.....

Regarding the 2,7Mill gallon of sewage it's hard to take you serious that you would use that as an excuse to put bleach in the water..

I'm sure you are aware of your countryman Al Gore and his theory regarding emissions and pollution of our planet. One of his better remarks I find; "No one can do everything to solve this problem, but everyone can do something."

So therfore, be responsible and take good care of the enviroment that you eventually will pass on to your future children.

Great Blog!

Best regards
Not so anonymus Peter Kallstrom
F SWE 1359

9:27 AM  

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