Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cleaning Teak is Fun

2 part teak cleaner is amazing stuff. I cleaned and brightened up the door, hatch, hand rails, seats and cockpit floor. Then I used what was introducted to me as the "Danish Method" for teak oil. One half penetrol, one quarter turpentine, one quarter teak oil... this is how it looks on the door, hatch and harnd rails... I'll get the seats later.

Next project, the captain's draw and the cup holders.


Anonymous Scott Dresler said...

"cup" holders... more like beer can pedestals. You have so much to learn Eric. Teak oil is BAD. bet you have to do it again next year. leave it bare, teak takes care of itself. and don't use those cleaners they basically tear away the top layer of wood, (not to mention sanding) if you want it all to last another twenty years, don't touch it with anything but salt water and a gentle scrub brush. Teak is far too expensive to replace... $25 a board foot... and I have seen what fifteen years of 2 part teak cleaner can do to a boat, nothing left, all gone. You should take your hatch and washerboards home, put three coats of two part epoxy wood sealer and fifteen coats of varnish on it... (this may sound so completely rediculous, but remember... I am a professional.) good times had by all. I have stuff I coated last up to five years before the color even started to change. keep it properly covered and never let salt water stay on it... that's my delema, being on a mooring I have to install a water tank just to wash my brightwork off after I sail because salt is the enemy of varnish, so is sunlight, and children... and people who wear cartharts with big rivets on the pockets, and basically anything that touches it... It is never perfect. I basically get the last coat on (trade secret) 2000 grit sand it and then buff it polished. But that is why they pay me the big bucks... How do you sail a folkboat in 35 knots? i tried the other day and I was very uncomfortable... tore the main down and flew home on a reach under the jib alone... we have much to learn up here too.

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