Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Annika - The First 3 Months

We all started somewhere.
Annika started out 3 months ago.
She didn't say much at first and I got scared.

Then she started to scream... but it wasn't ear piercing... it was cute.
After the initial shock of entering the world, she was tired and slept.

... and slept.
... and slept.
Did I mention she slept a lot?
Then she slept some more.
Followed by more sleep.
Occasionally waking to eat, we changed her and she slept.
This is her little foot.
This is her little foot against my big thumb.

She has a birthmark on her ankle.
This was the first time she grabbed my finger and held it tight.
This made my heart melt.
First time she stuck her thumb in her mouth.
Wrapped up like a burrito

I'm blind! I can't see!

This next series of pictures I took as head shots for her modelling agency... just kidding.

Trapped in the car seat again!

Struggle, struggle, struggle... whaaaa!

Ok, daddy... let me out of this thing or I'll poop.
Where are we going now?
This seat belt tastes good!
Have you seen my pacifier?

Maybe if I sleep when I wake up I'll be out of this thing.... zzzzzzzzzz

Crashed out on daddy's chest.
Drooling is my hobby.
Please, no photos.
At the Dipsea in Mill Valley.

We take turns eating, all 3 of us!

I was told if you put one of their arms up against their ear the other has to stick out straight... it's true!
I know I'm cute on the changing table, but I'm also cold.

Kinda looks like a red head here, huh?
She gets this from my grandma Helene.

The Peek a boo series.

In the Bjorn... sold it, they suck. Got an Ergo Baby... much better.

In her Thanksgiving party dress.
With Grandpa on the couch.

With her hoodie on with mom at Bill's burger place on Clement.


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