Thursday, August 16, 2007

In the Penalty Box at the SF Marina

This is USA 19 - Freyja. Formerly owned by Evie, this beauty could be yours for a song. I hope you know what you're doing because it ain't going to be easy fixing her up.
Hurry or she'll be scrapped!

I remember one time sailing with Jerry in USA 113 - the infamous "Potato Chip Slip." It was race two of the Woodies, I was 18... I think and just after the start we were called over early. We were bearing off and taking sterns when Jerry slipped on a potato chip and lost control of the helm. We slammed into this boat at "Ramming Speed!" Completely by accident. We punched a hole in the hull about a foot wide and after the boats had finished mating, Evie pops her head up and yells, "Jer-ry!"... with the mortified look of horror. Luckily, Evie, the top notch skipper she is, sailed her in on one tack and to safety for before the starboard side could take on any water. If she had to tack the boat was a gonner! Nice sailing Evie. If it's any consolation after all these years, Jerry felt really bad. Lesson learned - If you're going to eat lunch between the 1st and 2nd races make sure you clean up the cockpit before the starting sequence begins!


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