Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boats in the Yard - USA 116 - Emma

This is Emma - USA 116 - Owned by Judy and this season I got to sail her while I was waiting for my boat from Denmark to arrive. In 2005 the restoration process began on this boat built by Jerry Langkhammerer.
She's available for charter if anyone wants a very affordable in with the folkboat fleet... who knows, this could be the boat that you use until the one from Denmark you order arrives.

The bottom was stripped down bare, fared and sprayed with two coats of Pro-Line. Black on black... kind of a pirate theme.

This is the mast that was replaced this year. See anything wrong with it?

How about now? It was time an luckily, the association had a spare mast for sale.
The mast and many other upgrades have been done and the boat is race ready now. It's good to have a locally made boat still rockin' the bay on a regular basis.


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