Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to Ship a Folkboat - DK Style

I've always admired how easy the Danes make transporting a folkboat look. But, getting into a 40 foot container? That's a whole nother equation. That's when you solicit the help of your boat builder friend Erik Andreasen who has just a little bit of experience in these matters.
1st - trailer it into the warehouse....

... Then secure the hoisting straps to the overhead travel lift... notice the keg of beer at the bottom of the picture?

I love the way these guys, "work".

... Flip it around to go stern end in first...

...take a picture...

...wait for the transport truck to line up...

Screw down some
2 x 2's to guide the keel.

Get the forklift into position.

Back the truck up and set the keel down in the track.

Disconnect the travel lift and slide the boat back into the container.

Drink a beer and watch you buddy finish the job.

Tie it down so no matter what ocean conditions the freighter encounters the boat won't slide around and get damaged, don't forget the mast and anything else you want sealed up for the trip ahead and... get another beer.
Since it's a Tuesday, go back to work or realize you're going on holiday for the next few weeks, don't go back to work and have another beer.


Blogger Arne Walter said...

Hi, this looks great. I am thinking of doing exactly the same ex Germany to Sydney/Australia. Do we know how they got the boat out of the container again?

Thanks, Arne

10:37 PM  
Blogger Jose Simes said...

Hello, please I am looking to ship an IF-Marieholm in the same way you did but to Uruguay,may you share the name of the shipping/forwarding company in Denmark so I ask for a quote. Thank you in advance. Jose Simes

2:15 PM  

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