Monday, August 06, 2007

Den 816 - USA 122 Has Arrived

So, I'm doing my laundry and missed the call from Svendsen's. After I checked my messages I realized a couple hours had passed, but I was so excited that I didn't want to wait until my clothes had finished drying. When I called the yard they told me they were unloading the boat that very minute. I threw my damp clothes in the basket picked up Cassandra and tore off to Alameda.

When we got to the yard there she was...
perfectly stowed in a cradle. I'll have more pictures later tomorrow... I'm having problems getting my pictures ready.
But, the people at Svendsen's were kind enough to send me these pictures of the boat in the container as they opened it. Bummer they didn't get any shots of the boat coming out. It's OK, the boat looks great and I'll get to work tomorrow cleaning and prepping the bottom for painting.
Svend was around the yard and took an hour out of his time to go over the whole boat and mast with us. He didn't like the teak on the combing of the cockpit, but liked how the cabin cleats were labelled in Danish... I think I'll leave them that way even after Per is gone. I think Svend likes messin' around with folkboats as much, if not more than me even after all these years. What's even better is that every time I spent time with Svend talking about boats, nothing but great advice comes from him. It's like having a family member looking out for you. I think I will affectionately refer to him as "Uncle" Svend from now on. Svend said, "it was a pain in the ass taking the boat out of the container." But it's not like he's never done it before. Mike Peterson showed up next and we went through the boat again. I was stoked to find all the things a folkboat should have: boom, whisker pole, motor mount, boom crutch, flag pole, sails... but the big smile grew on my face when I found the camping tent, stove, ladder and running lights. I found the place for the battery and assumed if I hook it all up it should work right. This will also make it all the more easy for me to hook up an electric engine when I get around to it.

Come by and check it out if you have the time, I'll be in the yard all week.


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