Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New(er) Folkboat frm DK Has Been Shipped

It wasn't real enough to me until today. I received and email from Per Buch that the boat we have been talking about since January, currently named "Josephine", has been loaded in a container and is on her way her to SF. Josephine is an '81 Erik Andreasen built Nordic Folkboat - DK 816. The boat has been raced a bit, but of late has spent most of her time on the hard. Since this picture was taken, Per has added the bottom paint... not sure what color, but I don't care. It could be purple and I'd still be happy.

Other than a few scratches here and there, the interior looks ready for cruising... something I've not had the opportunity to do with my previous boat. The two black circles look like... speakers?
Those will have to go. No electronics on board my boat... extra weight, not OK.

Cabin hatch looks good, everything looks clean and ready to go.

I've always wanted a folkboat with a forward hatch... makes sleeping, cleaning, cruising more fun.

I love that everything is stock from the catalog Erik Andreasen stuff. Now I can, with confidence, just order parts direct from DK without worry as to whether it will work or not.

I love the teak combing trim. It's rounded and will make hiking out more comfortable.

If Per hasn't already, I may have to change this mainsheet arrangement... it doesn't suit my needs as is. But notice how the backstay lines cross the cockpit, then go aft for better leverage. Instead of pulling up, you pull across.... that'll save a back in the heavy conditions.

I'm not so stoked on the green mast and boom, but it is less maintenance... hopefully Per put an aluminium boom on her for me.

So, here's the story...

I went to Sweden and Denmark last summer for 5 weeks (see archived blog entries for more details) and everywhere I went when conversation ceased I'd bring up the SF Cup and how it would be great to see all my new friends again on the other side of the pond. Usually the conversation would end with, "I don't think I'll be able to qualify this next time" or "the quality of the boats I've heard is not so good." Without permission I started telling people they could either represent Norway since we have no entries from that country or if they brought their own boat they would be automatically entered regardless of the number of boats we designate for their country. Well, that got attention. When I returned home, the first chance I had I talked to our then President, Bill Madison and he agreed it was a good idea. I'm glad becuase it was too late... I'd already spread the word. In fact, it worked so well that if I could have lined up the buyers we could have had 3 new/used folkboats on their way right now, but as it stands Per was the only guy to take action early. I received and email in January saying that he had bought a boat to bring to the SF Cup and if I could help him arrange a buyer when he leaves. I took one look at the pictures and told him to look no further, I'll buy the boat. I didn't ask my wife, I didn't actually see the boat when I was in DK, but from what I know about Per, the winner of the 2006 Gold Cup, I knew it was a no brainer. Look at this way, if the top Danish sailor is going to go to all the trouble of finding and shipping a boat to SF, trim it, race it and probably do well... what is there to think about? If my predictions are correct, I'll have a very competitive boat for next season. We'll just have to wait and see if I'm right. Worst case - we have another folkboat in SF and I've done my part to help build the fleet.


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