Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brock's Faith - USA 121

Here's the man willing to "go yard" on his new Nordic Folkboat from Denmark. I took these pictures during the first mid-winter race after Brock took delivery. The winds were light and there were a lot of off the wind tactics.
Ok Brock, I'll close the hatch if you concentrate in steering.

I took this picture purely to study the shape of the main... do you see what I see?

The Erik Andreasen barber hauler - Misunderstood by some, underutilized by others... I wouldn't mind having one for mark rounding and reaching situations.

Another Andreasen do-dad. I know why it's important to have it, but it makes it tough for the crew to get the pole up, especially if they are new to folkboating and are up doing the pole for the first time.
All in all the best looking boat in the fleet. Well done Brock. Now stop getting into situations where you get hit!


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