Monday, October 02, 2006

It's more fun sailing them than fixing them

It's a beautiful day and there's nothing I'd rather do than work on the boat... not. I'd rather hike on Tam, read a book, go skateboard, sleep... but once I get started working on the boat, I don't want to stop. I made the mistake of only putting 4 coats of varnish on my rails in April 2005 thinking they'd look ok through the Fall... nope. A month later thay look haggard. I was so busy fixing up 116 that I totally neglected my own boat. This last summer I found myself busy again or the weather wasn't right or it was, but I had other plans... the list is probably familure to most. I've been dreading this because of how long I've let things go, but Mike Peterson lent me his pressure washer and suggested a quicker plan.

First, Jasco what varnish was left and let that prduct do it's magic...

Kill it with the pressure washer in nice even strokes...

Looks good wet, but don't all boats?

Looks 100% better than it did dry too! Now all I have to do is a desent sanding and I think I'm just going to use teak oil and rub it in regularly.

A clean boat is a happy boat... and a happy boat is a fast boat. Since I had the pressure washer I just went over the whole boat with it. I have to buy one of those things... Put an electric pump in the bilge and go to town... inside and out. I finished the handrails and the rails around the deck in less than 2 hours.


Blogger Cass said...

"I" ??? Um... what am I chopped liver?

8:14 AM  
Blogger All Kinds of Junk said...

Correction: "We finished the hndrails and rails in less than an hour." Sorry babe.

10:31 PM  

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