Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drillin' Holes in the Boat

So, somewhere along the line the rudders made in Denmark, now Germany, changed design and with the new design came the new style gudgens and a new location for the attachment points? Great. So, you either cut into your perfectly good new rudder or redrill two of the holes. After too much thought we opted to keep the lowest hole because it's below the water line and from that point the new rudder fits perfectly against the keel. The middle and top hole are easier to change and anything we do will be hardly seen when the rudder blocks the view so...
How to line up the holes? Well, once again I am humbled by the ever impressive talents of Søren Hansen. Of course he's had this problem before! Of course he's come up with a cleaver solution and for a six pack and awesome conversation he lent us his templet to line up and drill the holes. That was easy.

Thanks Søren.


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