Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Storage/Project List

Decided I couldn't take watching Josephine take a beating in Gas House anymore and moved her down to Alameda. 
Sean and Brock hooked me up with a cheaper slip, then Brock loaned me his outboard to make the delivery quick and easy. And thankfully he did, there was no wind and the wrong tides...

I was out of my sublet in March anyway. Plus, I have a big list of things to do this winter:

Cabin cleat repair 
Install Two more cleats
Double end out haul
Hatch handle - silly thing just broke off. Anyone how to replace those cheap?
Back stay project
Phenolic on aft teak
Drop keel, rebed and replace keel bolts
Seal, paint attach new rudder
Paint mast - we're thinking camouflage?
Plus some other top secret James Bond kind of stuff...

sorry, no pictures today.

Too busy trying to sort out using an outboard. Seriously, first time ever using one on any boat I've ever owned. We only crashed once. No coffee was spilled. 


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