Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Droppin' the Keel

It's time...

... to drop the keel, really clean out the rust, rebed the keel, put in new keel bolts and really do a good job fairing the bottom. It makes sense now why we couldn't point with the top boats, look at all that drag! In retrospect, we had a great season with this liability of a keel. Somehow, with this shitty bottom we managed 2nd in everything and tied for 1st in the SF Cup. Obviously, the patchwork quick fixes didn't keep the rust at bay. No doubt this will be major work, but if I'm gonna keep this boat and maintain her resale value, this work has to be done. I'm not an expert at too many things, but I know when I'm over my head. If I had my father's knowledge, skill, tools, space, time and experience I'd take this task on myself. I have none of these things except for his observation skills. He was always talking about how things worked out for himself "partially by design." Over time, these words became for me, be observant. What it really means is pay attention to the details and look for things most overlook and when the opportunity presents itself be ready to capitalize on it. Then, you make it look like you're lucky when in fact you're really just good. Well, I've been watching Folkboats for decades now and I've listened to the stories and I've watched guys make mistakes. And all my fact gathering has lead me to the conclusion that this job would be best done by someone else, professionals, not me. I have too many things that take up all my time, things y'all might be familure with? You know; work, family. So, I've been planning for this inevitable event in this boat's life by planning ahead. It's also good to have a friend who owns a boatyard. Its way good to have a crew member who dives your bottom and works at the boatyard. And it's uber good that I've forged multiple relationships with the guys at the boatyard. From Brock to Tim the lift op, I believe I'm getting exactly what my folkboat needs at Svendsen's Boatyard. Is this a shameless plug? No. Do I think winter is the best time of year to have major work done to your boat at the yard? Yes. They aren't exactly super busy right now and that means the quality of their work should be at its best and that's part of my calculation in this move to get this done. Combine this with the new rudder, new jib and my regular crew making a serious commitment to win... I'm starting to like my chances this next season. Game on.


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