Friday, April 15, 2011

As Luck Would Have It

I had no plans on how to get back to SF, but sometimes it's best not to plan. As I'm putting away the boat I remember Brock lives in alameda, perhaps I could bum a ride and pay him back with drinks after Wednesday races this summer. What a great guy, he's home and says he'll be right down no problem... Sweet.
I finish stowing gear, lock up the boat, toss out some trash, drink some water and start on the second half of a sandwich and perfect timing Brock shows up as if right on que and takes me to BART. Thanks dude. I pull out the Bart ticket I always keep in my wallet and head up the stairs. I wait 30 seconds, my train shows up. All goes well, I get out at the embarcadero, go across the street, raise my hand and immediately get picked up by this suicidal Russian taxi driver who hauls ass across town and drops me off back at the marina and my car... Big tip for you bro. Zip home before 8pm in time to kiss Annika good night. For starting all this a 4pm, I set a personal record for efficiency and time management. Let this be the sign of good things to come.


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