Friday, September 03, 2010

What's not to love about Svendsen's

You can vertually show up unannounced in the spring right before racing season, leave your boat ready to be pulled, and they do seem to drop everything for us folkboaters.
They have "Cherrybomb" soap in the bathroom and do a fine bottom prep and paint. I like to give myself two weeks in the yard so I get three full weekends before the season starts just in case something bad is discovered and needs attention. But, once that drama is averted, I like hanging out in the boat yard "working" on stuff, catching up with Roger Rapp, Soren, Timmy the lift op, Anna in the office, the various familure faces in the hood, Sean, and of course Svend. Seems every spring toward the end of March a bunch of us show up and do our annual maintenence. We should make it more official and start having "Haul out parties" in the yard.


Blogger Bursledon Blogger said...

There's an Easter BBQ at our local yard the Elephan Boatyard, most of the wooden boats including the gaffers haul out for 2 weeks around Easter

12:38 AM  

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