Monday, November 02, 2009

Meet George in USA 116 - Emma

The weather has been... awesome! 70+ degrees in the city and not super windy and it's November! So, me and the girls headed down to the boat to soak in what could be the last of the great weather. As we sat and enjoyed the tranquility, blazing around the point comes George in USA 116.
The very northerly wind made starboard the fun tack coming up the harbor and George made it look like he'd been doing it for years.
George just took over 116 and has been putting some serious time into her and it really shows.
He's all signed up for the midwinters and has crew too? He may be better than I thought and definitely the right guy for this boat.
He claimed to be, "whipping his crew into shape" for the first midwinter race coming up this next weekend. I had him out on my boat for the last races of the season on Oct 17th... hope I didn't give away too many secrets.

Getting into the slip without an engine? No problem. Again, George makes it look like he's been doing this for years... I'm officially not worried about this guy any more.

My dream of 20 boats on the line just got one closer.... sweet.


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