Thursday, August 06, 2009

Moseley Cup 2009

Sean asked me to race with him in the Moseley Cup, an annual regatta out of TYC (Tiburon Yacht Club) a few weeks before the regatta. Johnny had sailed with Sean in the past and was on board again this year. Panda, another of Sean's regular crew was on as well, so we were set. On a whim, Sean asks Johnny to see if Paul Cayard would be willing to come out and race and amazingly, he said yes... so I was out. However, being patient has it's rewards and at the last minute, Panda had to bow out for some family event which meant, I was in... sweet.
I've done a little racing with the Knarr's before and a full season with Sean when he first got Sugar, now known as the periwinkle colored Svendkist USA 140. She is as tricked out as a racing sloop can get, everything light weight and spectra... a very user friendly boat. I can say with certainty that I have 20 years experience doing foredeck on this type of boat, mostly Folkboats of course... but the rolling over the cabin thing on each tack when you are 6'5" and weigh 230... well, let's just put it this way... I knew I was going to get a little bruised up.
The pin end was grossly favored and so was the right side of the course. In both the 2nd and 3rd races we won the starts and tacked over as soon as we wanted. We picked good lay lines all day and our boat speed was very good. Better speed than point, but that's OK. We had a 3rd and 2 firsts to win the regatta and our names will be inscribed together on the Moseley Cup perpetual trophy... Needless to say, Sean and I were very pumped to do so well.


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