Monday, August 17, 2009

The Kid's Got Good Taste... and Talent Too!

Dear Chris,

We were in San Francisco July 18th. My Friend was visiting from North Carolina. He is a part-time professional photographer. He took some amazing photo's of you guys which he will send along to you. We had no idea who you were. Just watching you guys sailing along from the shoreline at Marina Green. My son John is an artist. He is 10 years old. My friend sent along to us the photo's of you guys sailing. They were so impressive that my son John had to paint one of them. My son John is very well known globally as a young artist and receives comments from around the world on a daily basis for artwork that he does. He posted his painting ( originally called "Sailing" ) on his Flickr Gallery ( You can see his work by simply googling Artist John Woolley 4th grade. That will take you to his Gallery or you can click below ). After he posted the painting a guy from Europe saw it and commented on the fact that the boat was a Nordic Folk Boat. Well, out of interest I looked up Nordic Folk Boats. After some brief research I found NFIA and some other sites and pics and low and behold, there was your boat. My friends pictures are so incredible of your boat, better than every other picture I saw on the internet. At least in my opinion. He is very good. You will like them. Below though, enjoy my son John's painting of you guys out in the Bay July 18th sometime after 2pm. It's certainly a small world. Please confirm that you received this email. You have one beautiful boat Chris. Really beautiful. My son would be more than happy to send you a print of his painting if you would like one. I am sure my friend will be happy to send you a copy of his photos also. Best Regards, Dave Woolley for John Woolley


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