Saturday, September 02, 2006

Adventures with Anders - Chapter 6

Anders took on me on a tour of Stackholm. How lucky can a guy get!? We started at Anders' yacht club, the Viking Yacht Club. We looked around the club house and saw where all the Stockholm folkboaters gather for meetings and after race parties.

This is the crane they use to lift their boat out of the water to put on trailors or just out for the winter. All boats are out of the water in October.

This is the Viking Yacht Club Bergie.

They have an entire row on the dock for just Folkboats... we need something like this in SF... I'm thinking right across fron the harbor master's office opposite of the knarrs.

More beautiful wooden boats...

I don't know what these are, but boy are they good looking! This trip seems to be more and more about boats... :)

We went next to this television broadcast tower to get a better perspective on the city.

This is an area Anders and the Stockholm boys have some of their races. Windward mark usually in the upper left of the picture.

This a shot of Old Town Stockholm, where we spent most of the rest of the day.

We parked the car and walked a few blocks passed a few of Anders old schools, including his university. We hopped a ferry and went out to the Vasa Musseum... a must see.

This is a very old icebreaker... Anders and I crawled all through it just poking around and thinking about what it would be like to live and work on such a vessel.

This the the bow of the Vasa... I would have taken more pictures, but after taking this one I didn't think the quality of the picture was so good, so I stopped. duh.

This a model of the Vasa.

Here's the short story; a war between Sweden and Poland... the two opposing kings are cousins, Sweden wants to end it once and for all and builds this big assed ship to whoop ass on the Pols. It's the first ship ever built with two levels of cannons... big mistake, it's too top heavy and 1 hour into her maiden voyage, she capsizes and sinks. The boat stays down there for 333 years until 1962? When they dicide to finall raise the ship, put it in a museum and relive for everyone the most embarassing naval disaster in Sweden's history.

You should go see this if you are ever in Stockholm, just watch out for the pick pocketers!

...someone pronounce that word on the sign with the blue background on the left. I mean really, that's a word?!

A shot of old town

At the end of this walkway is a hiss. A hiss is an elevator and this was the most expensive elevator I've ever been on! 10 krone just to go down!

This is were the royal family stay if they are in town.

... a royal guard.

... a government building. I think it's the parliment building.

...another government building.

And the tourist trap part of town where you can buy all the same stuff you can at pier 39, but it's Swedish which makes it cooler. We had dinner at the Chinese resuraunt with very bad service... I actually made Anders almost lose his cool... I didn't think that was possible. Once we got our food it was good... however, here is SF I think we have a few places that are better, but I might be wrong. After a long day of walking around Stockholm, we walked back to car and headed back to Vallentuna. What a great day.


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