Monday, September 04, 2006

Just What Do You Do With A Bucket Full Of Crabs?

So, you're at a family reunion in Sweden down in a marina...
All the kids are running around catching crabs all day.

Meet Nick Brown - This is Bjorn's sister Lota's youngest son and expert crab catcher. He also excels at jib trimmer on the Sco-merican race team. In competition he proved his talents by helping the team win their only interfamily sailboat race. The young Scotish lad teamed up with the American and formed the syndicate Scomerica. They proved to be an excellent team, giving no hope of victory to the other teams...
and no we were not over early at the start, we heard no gun, so we continued on to victory.

As you can see they have been collecting crabs all day... it became a quite heated competition.

My guess is they had well over 50 total by the end of the day. Now the question is posed again:
Just what do you do with a grip of crabs?


Bjorn is a nut. And his nuttiness just keeps on coming, he doesn't stop and it just gets funnier and funnier.
Bjorn gathered everyone from the family reunion party and employed the help of Eric (nike sweatshirt) and Lisa Brown(w/the prao elev sign that means student in training), these are Bjorn's sister Lota's other two kids. So everyone gathers around and a competition is born. First, you divide the group into heats... about 5 people per race. Those first 5 people put 5 krone into the bucket Lisa is holding and then...

You put down three ropes that make rings and put numbers on the backs of the crabs.

Hold them down without crushing them...

Then let them go! The first crab to run out of the ring wins that round. The 25 krone is given to the winner, but after all the semi-final winners are established, all the winners put their krone in the bucket for a winner takes all final:

This year's winner: Mr. Brown from Scotland!

Just hours before the competition he had flown in... little did he know he would be the crab race champion. Congratulations!
(sorry, no picture available)


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