Saturday, September 02, 2006

Adventures with Anders - Chapter 4 -------The Reconstruction of the 2nd Folkboat Ever Made

Chapter 4 - The 2nd Folkboat Ever Built These are the pictures of the 2nd Folkboat ever built. Anders is restoring this boat for several reasons. He want to generate enthusiasm about restoring and maintaining old wooden folkboats. He's created a folkboat specific manual for how to deal with this pitfalls of the project. Unfortunately, it is in Swedish, but he assures me that he will have it translated into English. His other ambition is to win the Swedish Chamionship with this boat when it is fully restored... I have this feeling it his his destiny to accomlish this and I wish him luck. The process is extensive, but from what I have seen and what he had told me, this boat is going to look like an antique, but function like a race winner.


Anonymous Scott said...

The shot of the jib sheet track is gorgeous. I want one for trio.

6:32 PM  

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