Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gunnar's Seglaskola in Ljungskile

Bjorn Alex Johansson runs the family sailing school. This is a picture of Bjorn teaching the rookies some of the basics like don't crash the boats, if there is an emergency try to solve it yourself, then if you absolutely have to, call me on my cell and I'll talk you through it, but don't call me.
For about $500 you and 4 of your closest friends get to live aboard, learn to sail and go out on a 3 day sail camping adventure... I'm thinking about signing up for next summer.

Bjorn has 6 boats called Smilings. So, 24 people a week can learn fron the master and his top notch sailing instructors. Jonas (not pictured) always somehow managed to get the boat with the cutest girls... I wonder how he did that?

This is the floating boathouse that has 2 showers (hot water optional for 5 krone) and a kitchen sink for doing dishes. You can also hang your wet gear inside to dry. The boat tied up to the boat house is Bjorn's H boat... this was my new home for the time I spent in Ljungskile.
It proved most convenient as the table in the picture is where everyone gathered for breackfast.

These other two buildings are what we call the "Big House"... 6 toilets, no waiting... no locks either so hold the door shut.
That's Bjorn's red pickup... don't mess with a man and his pick up truck. He's liable to get his gun... if he had one.

This is Bjorn's dock. At the end is where he keeps his 6 boats that were out and about at the time of this picture.

These are three of Bjorn's Smilings. This is a picture of 3 rookie crews comingin for a landing... this proved to be very good entertainment with much drama. After watching a few new groups come in to learn how to sail, I become so thankful for all that I've learned... We all have to start somewhere and this place is pretty darn good. Plus, you get the entertainment value of Bjorn in the process... guarenteed to teach you how to sail with no yelling and no crying... unless Donald is you sailing instructor. ;)


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