Monday, November 25, 2013

The Mast

Pulled it in... March? Drove it home in my pickem up truck and put it in my driveway. Then I looked at it for a couple weeks. Took off all the hardware, cause that's actually kinda fun. Put all that in a garbage can with water and oxcilic acid... advice via Tom Teed jr and just looked at it for a couple weeks. Played a little ukulele, watched Annika paint... didn't feel like doing anything boat related at that time. But it wasn't costing me anything to park it in the driveway and I really didn't want to go sailing anyway, so... It just sat there making Cassandra wonder if I'd turned into one of those people who leave all kinds of junk around their yard... I'll refrain from the use of the word redneck or hillbilly or derelict. I might have scrubbed clean a few pieces of teak, polished a piece or two of stainless. An hour here an hour there... but really in no hurry at all until July?


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