Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mast Completed

I took my time. I replaced screws and bolts. New wire halyards, new jib halyard shiv, I even replaced the broken masthead fly... I only did that because I was lending the boat for the SF Cup. I never use that thing. I'm quite sure it slows us down... wind resistance and weight aloft ya know. Also had a new mast protector made. I'll spare you the drama of that ordeal. But let it suffice to say that the Starbuck Canvas co in Sausalito does not have my confidence to build the full cover I was thinking of getting. The final product turned out ok, but I had to work too hard to get what I had originally asked for. I hate it when I catch a business deal in a full on bullshit foul. I'm only half as dumb as I look, so I got what I wanted. Alright, enough about that... moving on.


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