Monday, October 14, 2013

The Whisker Pole

Then I got a bug in my butt to make a new whisker pole out of the "high performance pole" my dad built in the 80's that I pinched off Bud Cohen when he took over my dad's boat. I've held on to it mostly for sentimental reasons until we actually needed it during the 2012 woodies regatta. It was made with a 2x2, shaped at the ends to fit the ronstant pole ends dad had customized to "make up for any crew who might not be very gifted or talented." The extra hook piece for the clue end of the jib does make it easier to attach and stay attached (without a doubt my 2nd biggest pet peeve of most foredeck blunders). I was scared shitless that it was going to splinter and impale one of my crew so I decided to male one round, wrap it in fiberglass, make it longer (not telling why ;) prime and paint it the same color I decided to paint the mast. It was cheap, easy to make and should last a long time. I actually like this pole better than the John Mast pole that came with the boat.


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