Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ok, Folks... Game on! Let the Season Begin!

I was kickin' it on the boat yesterday reviewing my to do list, and it's extensive... little Annika, who is not so little anymore, was cruising around the boat playing with the extra bits of line, screw drivers and shot glasses I have stashed in the navigation table when I realized that it was only one week away until I do my annual pilgrimage to Svendsen's for the usual bottom paint, hull buff and a week or two of daily work to the boat to make her ship shape and ready roll for the first day of racing which is fast approaching. I haven't been all that excited about sailing since it's been winter, but the Spring keel regatta where I did race committee and the annual Spring meeting got me all fired up! I've been studying all the pictures of top performing boats and scouring them for those minute details that could be the difference between, what? ... a few tenths of a knot? Crazy, but I think about every detail over and over again. How can we improve performance this year? I ain't tellin'. But I am taking some tips from Christoph, tid bits I overheard from Paul Cayard and several other top sailors who may have had loose lips from all those drinks I fed them. Doesn't matter how you get your information, it's weather or not you can incorporate what you've learned into the routine and make it stick. Regardless, I have few tricks up my sleeve and I can't wait for those critical moments to try them out.
While I was having all these powerful thoughts, little Annika found the viking helmet and sword from behind the stern and created a very awesome photo opp. Yes, the Viking Princess has inspired me!


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