Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Rules at Svendsen's

The EPA sure is coming down hard on Svendsen's and they sure are making it a challenge to get work done. First, the mast yard is for storage only. No longer can we do any work of any kind. Kinda takes the convenience out of the yard. Apparently, you can move your mast to the tiki hut, but then you're competing with others in the space and who knows what projects they'll have that'll mess up your final coat of whatever product you are using.
Secondly, and most bothersome, is the no working on your bottom prep yourself. You can't wet or dry sand, the yard has to do it all. Not sure why I'll bring my boat back now, it just flat out will be too inconvenient and costly. I wished i had known about these rules before hauling out. It would have changed a lot of my choices.
This is the only place I've ever brought my boat, I'm sad. Looks like its time to invest in a trailer, sprayer and serious sanding equipment and find a place to do the work where the EPA can't find me. I feel real bad for Sean and Svend for having to deal with all this added stress and expensive drainage/ filtration system they have to put in, but everyone saw this day coming. It kinda did need to get cleaned up for the sake of the ecosystem, so I get it. Boats are dirty and pollute the environment with all the powerful chemicals they use. If I could I'd dry sail this boat and save a lot of $ in paint and wear to the boat. Hmmm....


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