Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Amazing Blessing

For those who had the sense to get a Folkboat and race on San Francisco bay...

Congratulations. We are a very fortunate group. I shake my head in wonder everyday I think about what we have and where we have it.

To put it in perspective for those who don't know....

If you ever get the chance to glide downwind in the SF Marina, past the Golden Gate Yacht Club, turn the corner at the Wave Organ, pull the sails in to a close haul from the rail, allow the strong wind to fill the sails as she heels over, you survey the set of the sails, enjoy the stability and balance of a Folklboat heading toward the Bridge....

... you then understand the blessing I have.

It is a crazy idea to buy a boat. Any boat owner will tell you. You have to really, really love all aspects of it because so much of it doesn't make sense. The time, money, sweat and tears are completely out of balance compared with the moments of joyful bliss. But it's those precious moments that keep me coming back for more. And if it all ended tommorrow, it was worth it.

I started this blog to tell a story... my story.

More to follow.


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